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Ati Radeon 800GT Crash On Vista

Does anything look abnormal in any of the tabs? Can't play at all. Intel HD 530 looks blury compared to legacy ATI Radeon 4670 dGPU. View 2 Replies . weblink

This is the problem when they don't do proper beta testing before they launch a game. So far I've had no errors with directx or direct3d in them now but I still freeze from 100% CPU usage and I'm using up over 1gig of ram out of Join the community here. musvarmer11-09-2010, 01:56 AMFor 59.99 euro I expect a game that works almost flawlessly at the launch date, if they can't guarantee that they don't know what they are doing.

I have given up trying to play my copy since that patch six months or so back, it's so unstable it's ridiculous. But it's possible they had the same card we have. View 2 Replies .

Radeon 4650 Driver Problems I have done a completely clean install of the drivers for the card radeon4650. View 5 Replies . Using 2 Mice With Dual Monitors Setup Is it possible to use 2 mice when dual monitors is setup? 2 mice with 2 cursors*premise:my partner and i have a home theater I've made various posts here and on the CoD BO official forums about it and only found 2 other folks, 3 counting him that had that exact issue.

operating system (SP3), Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8 ? word .. Runs like a dream now. http://newwikipost.org/topic/MNOmxB8CqMzpm0TxU5VSLeY5pMr2IN56/Gigabyte-ATI-Radeon-HD7770-Crash-Screen.html No luck sadly.

At first i thought it was video/hardware related, but now i am leaning towards it being a conflict with windows. After reboot, it uses standard vga drivers. If windows 7 was to be released all parties should have been sent a fix with all drivers not wait for the consumer to purchase windows 7 and have to deal with all the yesterday i saw alot of people telling me that they also had avira, and they could play again after uninstalling it!

Jabel_SK11-14-2010, 02:59 AMHip hip hoorray, Black Ops is released! http://restaurant-cassiopeia.dk/category/englishpc/ Using ati's catalyst control center, i can change the color quality from high (32-bit) to medium (16-bit) and this affects the gradient, but is still not a smooth transition. System: Intel 2.4Ghz, Nvidia 800GT, 4Gb Ram Hope this helps PS: anybody found out which free AntiVirus prog works well with Black Ops? I have no idea what's causing this, I installed the DirectX that came with Black Ops and checked that my drivers were up to date.

Though I sometimes get a Direct3DDraw error, but that's pretty rare. http://quodsoftware.com/ati-radeon/ati-radeon-9200-cs-fps.html solved Nvidia equivilent to ATI Radeon HD 4670 1GB? View 3 Replies . I did three things to try and fix it, I am not sure which one worked or even if it was a combination of all three. 1.

it was in the list but all lower cased. For me it's the same as above. I'm about to loose my mind! check over here The acer monitor is indicating that it has no signal.

Must be an issue with those files you dl there I think. Though I sometimes get a Direct3DDraw error, but that's pretty rare. Question:is there anything i can do to windows 7 that will allow me to achieve two separate mice, each with its own cursor?

You may have a conflict between them and the game, or between one mod and another.

before i play i turn of my catilyst control center for my ati card and i can play just fine :] im currently looking to test a few anti viruses to Display Tab 1: No problems found. View 3 Replies . Me again.

As for audio drivers check the realtek website to get the newest. The other 2 didn't post what their setup was. Here's my machine: I7 920 Geforce gtx 275 Geforce gt9800 12gb ddr3 Posted On: 2010-02-18 . http://quodsoftware.com/ati-radeon/ati-radeon-hd-4870.html Video Card: Radeon (8) 800 GT 512 series RAM ??

Issue Description: During startup or use of an application, (most commonly a game / video application) the system or application will freeze, crash or exit to the desktop / a blue It should be 9.0c I tried all of these, but I get the same. I had this problem at first, but solved it by reinstalling DX. Thanks for the heads up on Avast. "laissez le bon temps rouler" SwollenGoat11-15-2010, 09:10 AMFIX (for me) Like others I have been tearing my hair out for the past week reinstalling

I get the DirectX error.