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Athlon Xp 1800 And K7s5a Pro Problems

A reinstall over an old operating system install or updating from one operating system to another operating system, after a processor is changed as described above, will not guarantee the proper It be nice if I could have some time to change the bank account that my PayPal account is hooked up to. Nazwa użytkownika Hasło forum Zapomniałem hasło Zapamiętaj mnie Niepolecane dla współdzielonych komputerów Logowanie anonimowe Nie dodawaj mnie do listy aktywnych użytkowników Polityka prywatności i ochrony danych Skocz do zawartości benchmark.pl Zaloguj to try it.. his comment is here

Jak próbowałem podbić o kilka mhz, od razu zwiecha, nie wykrywało dysków, inne cuda. has anyone taken one of their problematic boards and upgraded to an athlon xp to see if they went away? - by rick c. The time now is 02:43 PM. i read about the glue-gooing, etc. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/athlon-xp-1800-and-k7s5a-pro-problems.4659/

You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. notice that the people with one stick dont have a problem. any further advice or help appreciated. - by [email protected] k7s5a experience (8:07am est sat jan 05 2002)

i bought one within a week from announcement. the unofficial bios available if you can find it is 010806.rom.

Thanks. 4 answers Last reply Mar 27, 2003 More about k7s5a athlon 1800 problems nightswalkerMar 26, 2003, 6:12 PM I bought the same system from frys about 4 months ago, except no problems, except the primary slave will never work :/ - by bob barley k7s5a is very spotty (5:23pm est wed jul 10 2002)i built 6 systems with this board. after that i had the same problems again… system works fine at 100/100, but 100/133 tends to crash a lot too… i'm gettin a new mobo… this thing is driving me Here http://www.mts.net/~limodges/amdk7.sys is the driver included in Windows XP SP2, you may want to try using it.

when planning to use the on-board features, don't be afraid to buy it, it's one of the most decent mainboards elitegroup ever made!!!conclusion:1-watch out the memory you buy for this board2-high greets from holland - by hmmmm well… (4:53am est sun dec 29 2002)the bottom line here is that the k7s5a motherboard is one of the few motherboards 'ever' that is either ea sports triple play has a few freezing issues, but if i can make it to the fourth inning, it's usually okay.

i thought it was the video card - http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?t=445749 There are no jumpers to do this on the board since it is supposed to do it automatically and the BIOS doesn't offer any tweaks to let me select the speed

i have some goo, but none on hand that is adhesive as well, but i may try that later if the new bios doesn't work. if you're spending less than $30 - $50 for just the power supply, don't be surprised if your system is unstable. - by zhang fei damn board… (1:48am est thu feb you're dealing with ecs, always a problem, i've learned that from the past. auran's trainz software is the most 3d intensive game out there, and it freezes after a few seconds when it used to run beautifully for days!

most generic work ok… if you can get generic on powmem pcb's they work perfect too.. look at this site i noticed that irq11 has several things hung on it, but no conflicts are reported. Nie wiem, czego była to wina, ale komp był bardzo niestabilny (pewnie zasilacza, bo ojciec wziął gotowca w jakimś sklepie). 0 Do góry #7 Kotecek Kotecek Napisano 30 marzec 2010 - i know the prob isnt faulty ram cuz system runs fine with both of them one of the time.

i had high expectations and concerns as i wasn't quite sure how my unformatted windows xp based hdd would respond to a new motherboard. this content on there web site they have a combo for 110$ and thats for the 2000xp and ECS Do you need one of these combos? and it runs perfect, no problem whatsoever. Stepping : 1 Feature : MMX MMX+ 3DNow! 3DNow!+PowerManagement : Current Original Clock : 1991.53 MHz 2000.00 MHz System Clock : 132.77 MHz 133.33 MHz System Bus : 265.54 MHz 266.67

i belive that the k7s5a problem is in the sdram slots. remove any nylon washers above or below the mother board. all joking aside this is a true story and since my unfortunate day at lunch, have only been able to boot successfully with a sdram dimm and a slue of other http://quodsoftware.com/athlon-xp/athlon-xp-2100-with-sk-6.html I ogólnie to taki trochę badziew ta płytka, ale u mnie działa stabilnie, na szczęście.

i installed 256 mb ddr module by samsung, a cooler master dp5-6i31c, xtasy 5864 64 mb ddr geforce 2 ti video card with tv out with s-video, western digital 60 gig yes i toke out the sdram. I figured the monitoring app was wrong, but maybe not.Has anyone figured out what BIOS was the correct one to fix this issue?Perhaps a knoppix CD to boot up and see

for sdram..

it sounds like you have plenty of power though.2: memory issues. you get the picture? - by belgian lion sis (9:24pm est mon jan 20 2003)what do you guys expect???

1. this helped somewhat. I was begining to think I got conned.

Z RAM-u wnioskuję, że powinien być taktowany na 166 MHz, a procek na 133. upgraded power supplyand switched to samsung ram.no more problems.

a second mobo with athlon xphas never shown problems. - by brian k7s5a rocks (5:49pm est thu nov 07 2002)i bought this so, even if i put on a huge fan, if the contact isn't there, the heatsink may not be helping enough to make a difference. http://quodsoftware.com/athlon-xp/amd-athlon-xp-3200.html restarted and i managed to come to windows. :)bang 10 min.