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AMD Athlon 3200+ Tempretures

Fan speed is about 4500 RPM. runs at only 30'C ID: 200023 · Grant (SSSF)Volunteer tester Send message Joined: 19 Aug 99Posts: 7670Credit: 93,244,394RAC: 64,335 Message 200923 - Posted: 2 Dec 2005, 5:49:56 UTC - in Check out thier page at http://www.vapochill.com AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ AMD Athlon 64 3800+ AMD AthlonXP 3200+ ID: 199949 · Sir Antony Magnus Send message Joined: 26 Dec 03Posts: Thermal resistance is stated to be 0.48 C/W. this contact form

Cooling: CPU/aftermarket w/big fan, AC 80's/case on 3 speed Lian Li switch.//AC 80 blue led 3 speed. Case: Gigabyte mid-tower.. From what I've seen, while AMD has worked on reducing temps, Intel has not. running - Full Load - 30'C Even with overclocking the temp. http://www.overclock.net/t/620430/amd-athlon-xp-3200-temperature-questions

Jul 7, 2006 at 9:53 PM #19 Azn Tr14dZ New Member Joined: Mar 2, 2006 Messages: 5,298 (1.33/day) Thanks Received: 19 System Specs Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Motherboard: DFI LanParty Loudest when installing when DVD and HDD starts clicking as it steps across the tracks. treshhold is the same for the 3700+ SanDiego, So I would guess this is the standard temps. IBM has been supplying its Power4 and Power5 products with two cores for a while and targets to produce chips with two processing engines for Apple’s future workstation and also chips

System Specs System Name: Just getting started.... Intel CPUs - Part 27. I just replaced the CPU heatsink/fan and I am seeing temps of 47C to 52C under load with an ambient room temp of around 72F (22C). Home About Contact Articles Editorials First Look Quizzes Reviews Tutorials Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and

Stock vga air coolers with case side fans to help.. And I wish I could find the article with the quads. The ASUS prob. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/179586-28-athlon-3200-3500-safe-temp LCD/CRT Model: 27" Asus PG279Q ROG Swift 165Hrz Nvidia G-Sync, IPS.. 2560x1440..

It details specs and has nice pictures of the case. Mouse: Logitech MX518.//Shared. Vapochill also makes a nice one that has freon in the heatpipes. No central heating in Japan.

Software: Windows 10 Home x64.//Windows 10 Home x64, XP Pro x86 dual boot. Timespy 9000.. 90 odd c doesnt kill an intel chip.. Optical Drive: generic.. Benchmark Scores: FX rig is the gamer.//AM1 rig is the daily driver.

With applications for desktops becoming more complex, require more processing power and execution of multiple treads of code instantly, the number of computing engines per personal computer is needed to be http://quodsoftware.com/amd-athlon/amd-athlon-64-3200-upgrade.html which one is correct? Have you seen that AMD is promising a quad-core by the end of next year. The latest p4's are now the hot cpu's.

Jul 7, 2006 at 11:10 AM #6 trog100 Joined: Dec 18, 2005 Messages: 5,464 (1.35/day) Thanks Received: 630 System Specs System Name: money pit.. Lower the better, but if you're loading at around 50*C you should be fine. Magicbox (17 items) crapbox (13 items) CPUMotherboardGraphicsRAMFX 8320Sabertooth 990FXNitro+ RX480Kingston HyperX FuryHard Mouse: Logitech MX518.//Shared. http://quodsoftware.com/amd-athlon/amd-athlon-64-3200-specs.html It all depends on the room (air) temps, air circulation inside your case, your heatsink etc.

Currently 22c idle, stock cooling. Already have an account? IIRC a difference of 1% in clocking makes a temp difference of at least 2°.

Then again, I've rarely seen AMD XP's die (it has happened a few times though).

I also have an XP 3200 and that runs at around 49-51 under load. Sound Card: USB Sound blaster Roar 2 all in one unit with bluetooth Power Supply: EVGA 850 watt.. The older designs of the AMD AthlonXP's did run hot but AMD fixed that. In summer i reduce clocking - in hot times even 'underclock' it.

from what i have heard anything under 55 is good for 130 nm processors and 50 for 90 nm processors (mine is 90). It idles at 36C and at load its at a max of 49C. If that's the case, sorry for the 101 lesson. his comment is here Memory: 32 gig corsair vengeance 2133 cas 11 Video Card(s): Palit Super Jetstream 980TI x 2.. 1250 core 1450 boost..

The only recipe is more voltage, or unlocked multiplier, but it that case you loose on the L1 and L2 cache speed. trog Jul 7, 2006 at 9:45 PM #17 Azn Tr14dZ New Member Joined: Mar 2, 2006 Messages: 5,298 (1.33/day) Thanks Received: 19 System Specs Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Motherboard: De-Lidded.. A proper qualified TA case with stock cooling should work fine.