A Healthy Way To Drink Wine: Organic Wine

If you are a wine lover but avoid drinking it because of the harmful content in it, you should switch to organic wine. You will learn about them in detail through subsequent paragraphs with a focus on organic tuscan wine.
What is organic wine?
Like organic food is gaining widespread popularity among the elite class, the organic wine industry is also expanding. It is a healthier counterpart of conventional wine obtained from organic grapes. There is a different set of practices a vineyard manager has to follow to grow organic wine. One of the most famous types of organic type is organic tuscan wine. The vines for these are grown in the Tuscan area of Italy. Their types are mentioned in the next section.

Types of organic tuscan wine
• Chianti Classico: They are made from Sangiovese grapes and has a ruby color. They have a spicy fragrance and mineral notes.
• Vernaccia di San Gimignano: It is a typical white wine. It is dry wine easy to drink.
• Carmignano: A union of Carbernet and Sangiovese creates a fascinating character. They can age for ten years.
• Brunello di Montalcino: It is a very full-body wine with an intense ruby color.
• Nobile di Montepulciano: This organic wine has an intense flavor of cherries, plum, and olives.
• Vermentino Toscano: It is a popular white wine with fresh mineral notes.
• Sassicaia: It has an intense red color with aromatic notes.
• AleaticoD’Elba: It is obtained from Aleatico grapes. It has a ruby color with a fruity and soft texture.
• Morellino di Scansano: It is a dry wine with red fruit notes. It has an acidic taste that softens as its ages.
These are various types of organic tuscan wine and their brief description. A glass of organic wine has many health benefits. They are discussed in the next section.

Benefits of organic wine
• They are made from organic grapes, which are free from harmful pesticides and fertilizers.
• They have a relatively less amount of sulfites.
• They have less sugar content than non-organic ones.
• They have fewer additives.
• The handovers are not that bad.
These are some of the benefits that organic wine offer. People are now aware of it and are shifting from a conventional to an organic one. The flavor and health benefits offered by organic tuscan wine are a win-win deal for wine lovers.