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Power Supply Test Questions


Burnt electronic components usually produce a strong and easily-recognized odor, always indicative of overheating. Incidentally, the method of building a project (such as a power supply) in a step-by-step fashion rather than all at once, saves a lot of time and effort when things go Be as specific as you can in your answers, identifying both the circuit element and the type of fault. The first, known as 'Off-line', passes through incoming mains power to the output sockets while the supply is good. Check This Out

It's like an isometric exercise. Question 4 Suppose a technician measures the voltage output by an AC-DC power supply circuit: The waveform shown by the oscilloscope is mostly DC, with just a little bit of AC Notes: These filters are very common in switch-mode power supplies, but they are not out of place in linear (“brute-force”) power supply circuits such as this one. You can still get unregulated supplies from more specialized electronics suppliers aimed at manufacturers, professionals, or at least hobbyists that should know the difference.

Power Supply Test Questions

In that sense, unlike with voltage, the current rating of a power supply must be at least what the device wants but there is no harm in it being higher. Is there a way to estimate what amount of capacitance a given current consumption would require? (I expect the drumsynth would require around 100mA on each rail, the modular I'm not Not the answer you're looking for? Notes: Troubleshooting scenarios are always good for stimulating class discussion.

Reveal answer Hide answer This means the difference between no-load output voltage and full-load output voltage is 2% of the full-load output voltage. A power surge is a rise in voltage that goes above normal levels, potentially overloading any active equipment. A low battery will place a heavy load on the supply and it will operate in the constant current mode, which may be adjusted for a 1 amp charging rate. Think of a way that they could be checked while in-circuit (ideally, without having to shut off power to the circuit).

A digital multimeter can be used to measure the voltage drop across the joints (be careful when significant voltages are being carried by the wire). Usually at least one for the GPU and one for the RAM. Another advantage with SMPS is that the switching can be modulated in various ways, depending on the load conditions. http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/power-supplies/47458-few-questions-about-power-supplies.html Notice how I did not simply ask them to regurgitate a formula; rather, I presented a realistic figure for them to interpret.

Most adapters and devices are DC. Tracking accuracy Some power supplies with two or more outputs may have a tracking feature. Some level of too much voltage will damage something, but you don't know where that level is. Peak inductor currents exceed the mean inductor current by some margin.

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Regulation Load regulation is how much the output voltage changes when the load changes, usually from 0 to 100% of rating. http://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/index.php?topic=82238.0 If the wire is insulated, special insulation piercing probes are available, such as CalTest Electronics CT3044, or the Pomona 5913. Power Supply Test Questions These models have a knob to adjust the output voltage. The output voltage remains constant as the load increases, up until the point where the preset current limit is reached.

The common type is AC/AC, where the energy source is the AC line (120VAC or 240 VAC), and the output is the same voltage through an inverter. his comment is here These are very fundamental questions related to power supply topic. Editorial Team Clean Power for Every IC, Part 3: Understanding Ferrite Beads Ferrite beads used in conjunction with bypass capacitors can provide improved power-supply filtering and decoupling. In any reputable on-line UPS, there is also a fail-safe mechanism known as a 'Static Bypass' which on detecting failure in the inverter will throw the load on the mercy of

Logged MXR Dist +, TS9/808, Easyvibe, Big Muff Pi, Blues Breaker, Guv'nor. This determines how much current is required to produce a certain amount of power. Reveal answer Hide answer XL = 0.0377 Ω (each) XC = 120.6 kΩ (each) Notes: Ask your students how they determined the identity of this filter. http://quodsoftware.com/a-few/a-few-temperature-questions-psu.html Battery life depends upon a number of issues, particularly temperature and the number of 'deep discharges' experienced.

However, some devices might appear to operate correctly, then fail in unexpected ways under just the right circumstances. One output supplies 0 to 6 volts, intended for digital logic. Powered by WordPress.


However, this is a common phenomenon with electrolytic capacitors, to “recover” a small voltage after having been discharged. UPS batteries are designed for maximum life in 'typical' use, which means long periods at continuous low charge and occasional minor discharges. However, that may not stress the supply enough to tell you much about its suitability and robustness for your application. power-supply asked yesterday ComputerStudent 111 0 votes 0answers 18 views LT Power CAD II - How to convert power tree to schematic?

I do not have any oscilloscope or even a multimeter yet. The power supply's isolation between input and output or chassis comes from the isolation provided by the supply's transformer. The transistor is usually a bipolar or MOSFET type (sometimes as part of a control IC for smaller supplies) and is operated in its linear region (hence the name, "linear" regulation). http://quodsoftware.com/a-few/a-few-questions-for-gpu-upgrade.html Of course, the same thing can be done with a piece of wire or a jumper wire with stackable banana plugs.

The output voltage is supposed to be 15 volts DC: The technician begins making voltage measurements between some of the test points (TP) on the circuit board. I want to design my own Artix-7 board. We have to insert the fuse in the phase line. [3] How to protect power supply against applying reverse voltage? This product also includes the ability to perform AC leakage testing and has a convenient adjustable power supply for soldering irons.

Unfortunately, though, when we decrease the number of volts per division on the “vertical” control knob to magnify the vertical amplification of the oscilloscope, the pattern completely disappears from the screen! Ripple and noise There is no universally-accepted method of measuring ripple and noise. RM series is really a disappointment Ask a new question Read More Power Supplies Components Related Resources Questions about power supply for new low-budget PC solved Questions about multiple problems linked Q: How long can I expect the batteries to last?

Notes: One factor not mentioned in the answer is circuit operating voltage. It's a protective device used on the output of power supplies (usually an SCR) to short the output if the output voltage goes above a set level. How many Ents were at the Entmoot? Here is a rundown of what the components will do: OK, I refined my plan to this general specs: Input Voltage range:. . . .7-24 Volts Voltage:. . . . .

This question, therefore, is a prelude to further troubleshooting questions. This means the set of instructions sent to the instrument over the digital interface and the information received by the computer from the instrument. Multi-range Supply Most conventional power supplies operate with fixed voltage and current ratings, e.g. 30V / 3A. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

Switching mode power supplies may struggle to produce low voltages. Some of them may not comprehend the term accurately, and so it is good to review just to make sure.